How to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

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You?ve spent a lot of time choosing the perfect wedding dress. Now that your hard work has paid off, it?s time to relax, right? Not necessarily! Once you have the right dress, you need to decide which accessories you will wear with it. In many ways, this process can be more difficult than choosing the right dress! The accessories you choose for the dress are just as important. Here are some things to keep in mind as you select the accessories that will go perfectly with your wedding dress:

Simple is Better

When it comes to accessories, less is actually more. You don?t need to wear a veil, tiara, necklace, and a sash all at once. The accessories you choose will also depend on how ornate your dress is. If it?s a simple dress, you can easily wear more elaborate accessories. However, if your dress is fairly elaborate, you?ll want to tone down the other parts of your outfit. Your goal is to create a look that is classy and elegant without going overboard. For most people, a gorgeous necklace and earring set will do the trick. In other instances, going beyond the norm and wearing a sash or a belt will best complete the look. It all depends on not only your dress, but also your personality.

Make Sure the Metal Matches

Most people don?t realize that certain colors look better with certain metals. Cool toned colors, such as pure white, look best with silver, platinum, and pure white pearls. Cream and off-white dresses look best with yellow gold, rose gold, and pearls with a yellow-toned cast. The same rules hold for cool and warm toned colors that aren?t in the white color family. If you can?t decide which metals you prefer, consider wearing jewelry that has more than one tone. These pieces make a statement and are considered a universal choice.

Be Careful When Choosing a Headpiece

Have you given your headpiece much thought? The most popular type of headpiece is the veil, but they?re not all created equally! You?ll also want to make sure that the veil doesn?t contain colors that don?t match your dress. For instance, if your dress is off-white, you won?t want a cream or pure white veil. Even if most people don?t know the difference up close, it will still impact how your photographs come out. If you don?t like veils, consider wearing other things in your hair, including decorative combs or even a tiara. Just make sure that the metal matches your dress. Your headpiece will also determine your hairstyle, so you may want to review your options with your stylist so that you can brainstorm how the whole look will come together. Now that you have your wedding dress, it?s time to think about which accessories you?ll wear with it. Overall, you want to choose those that not only match your dress, but also reflect your unique personality. You also might want to find something that you can wear again, so that you can always be reminded of your big day!

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