5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dinnerware for Your Registry

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There?s an art to choosing great dinnerware. Whether you need a pattern for family dinners or something a little more elaborate to service your dinner parties, there is a pattern out there that can suit your needs. Here is some advice that will help you choose the best dinnerware for your wedding registry:

Choosing Casual vs. Formal Dinnerware

Your very first item to consider is whether or not you need a pattern that is on the casual side or if you need something more formal. If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, you might want to consider registering for two patterns ? a casual one for everyday use and a different one for entertaining. However, there are plenty of patterns that are great for both, so you may want to register for one set that is a little more versatile.

Decide on a Material

One of the biggest differences between casual and formal dinnerware is the material that it is made from. Casual dishware is made from sturdy, dishwasher safe materials such as stoneware, earthenware, majolica, and delft. Formal dinnerware is made from more delicate looking yet strong materials such as porcelain or bone china. Even though most people prefer to hand wash their formal china, most patterns are dishwasher safe.

Assess the Level of Detail in Your Pattern

Another key item to consider is how detailed you?d like your pattern to be. Porcelain and bone china can use more variety and vibrant colors, can have a more intricate pattern, and can be hand painted. Stoneware and earthenware tend to be a bit heavier with a more basic pattern.

Decide What to Do With Old Dinnerware

What will you do with your old dinnerware once you get a new set? If you plan on keeping it, you might want to make sure that the new pattern matches your old one well enough to use them at the same time. If you are giving away the old set, you won?t need to worry about this and can start from scratch. Another option is that you can use your existing set for your informal dinnerware and select something new for entertaining.

Determine Your Colors

When it comes to choosing a dinnerware pattern, the color scheme is extremely important. If you already know the colors of your kitchen or dining room, it will be much easier to choose the colors for your pattern. If you aren?t sure what your colors are yet, you can always select something neutral. We have had people choose a pattern they love and match the table cloths and other accessories later. However, it?s always best to have at least a rough idea of what your décor will look like before you select your colors. Once you consider all the above factors, it will be much easier to choose the pattern, or patterns, that you want to put on your wedding registry!

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