Cocktail Rings: How and When to Wear Them

The cocktail ring has long been a statement of impeccable taste ? a perfect touch of luxury for any occasion. Whether entertaining friends and relatives in the comfort of your own home, going out for an evening in the theater district, or a romantic night of fine drinks and dining, Joseph Gann Jewelers is well equipped to provide you with a ring flawlessly crafted for any affair.

Fine jewelry is an essential aspect of building a look for entertaining or being entertained. You have to look your best as the season transitions from summer to fall, because with such a transition comes the holiday time of year. You retire the leg-baring looks furnished for warmer weather and allow yourself to revel in the details of your accessories as you plan a Thanksgiving soiree, purchase those front row seats to see the orchestra perform, or indulge in a bottle of vintage wine while having dinner out with your husband. When acting the part of the hostess, you are at the heart of the occasion and must accessorize to accentuate your role. You are the center of attention, so a cocktail ring is a natural choice for the leading lady of the evening. Channel cozy and luxurious chic ? a cashmere sweater, an oversized wool cardigan. Some of your ring options should include pops of color ? making an impression with intriguing amethyst or misty sapphire as the center stone with beautiful diamonds as an accent. This balances the look wonderfully and allows your ring to be a conversation starter. When going out for a high end event it’s a more social situation, and the accessories you choose should add extra shine and sparkle to the function rather than turning all heads towards you. An excellent wardrobe choice for this situation would be a tasteful little black dress, so that at the forefront of your consideration for ring choices can include glittering diamonds or warm citrine as the central stone to complement your look for the evening. The simple statement of your apparel can let a large cocktail ring do the talking and any head turning will be to look at the exotic stones on your hand. When it’s time for an evening out with that special someone, it’s once again an opportunity for you to be the radiant center of attention. To complete your dazzling look, opt for a ring featuring a gorgeous large diamond or sultry rubies to showcase yourself for a dreamy night to cherish. Keep in mind that size does matter, because the night is about you. And you can never shine too much. Whatever your fine jewelry needs may be, the staff at Joseph Gann Jewelers will always be ready and willing to provide high quality, luxurious pieces and services to guests in the Boston area.

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