Lladro’s handmade porcelain products are crafted like nothing else in the world. Handmade by artisans in Spain, Lladro offers a wide range of beautiful unique items including figurines, jewels, and lighting. Using a unique production process that no one else can claim to, they create quality white gold porcelain products made with complexity, and a long process that make Lladro items a specialty. Day after day, Lladro artists keep ancient crafts and methods alive to bring you creativity, innovation, and the highest standard of quality.

In 1953, the Lladro brothers began to fire their first creations in a small town just outside Valencia. Now, 60 years later, their fine quality products are sold in over 120 countries around the world. For them, creating beautiful porcelain products was never treated as just a business. Instead of a factory, they built a workshop, more like an artistic space. Where sculptors, painters, designers, and ornamentalists could work by inspiration and create unique objects that you never thought possible in porcelain. Lladro has long been considered innovators developing new techniques and processes that have changed the industry. A MOMENTS REST 2.5in Products Lladro has built their worldwide reputation on quality and excellence. Never disappointing. The level of excellence in the production process takes the value of their unique designs to new heights. There is something for everyone when purchasing from Lladro. From fantastical and holiday figurines, to unique wall and ceiling lamps, and delicate rings and hair combs, Lladro is making porcelain products in ways you never thought possible. When you purchase a product from Lladro you are getting more than just a porcelain object. You are getting a handcrafted piece of art that has been designed by an artisan that can be passed down for generations. At Joseph Gann A porcelain work of art is ideal for almost any holiday. And every Lladro creation begins with an artistic inspiration. At Joseph Gann, we carry a wide selection of beautiful items from Lladro. The perfect gift for anyone you choose. Select from handcrafted porcelain figurines in wildlife, family settings, sports, clowns, and holidays. Whether you need a special birthday gift, a baby shower present, or simply want to add Lladro items to your wedding registry, we have a wonderful selection that everyone will love.

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