Summertime Entertaining with Fine China and Distinct Tableware

Bernardaud: PROMENADE

While reading cooking and entertaining articles, your eyes are always drawn to the table set-ups and arrangements illustrated on so many of the pages. Just the idea of entertaining guests and providing simple, but elegant meals to all is something you have always wanted to do. Unfortunately you may not currently have all the supplies and equipment needed to pull such fine dining off. You can rectify this by selecting and purchasing a unique fine china pattern that you can add to for many years to come. Some steps to begin this process can include the following:
Start Small

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This applies to collecting your favorite pieces of fine china as your circle of family and friends grows and your need for upscale tableware increases. Begin with four place settings, and don’t just let them sit in a cabinet collecting dust. Use them for intimate dinners with your spouse or significant other. Invite your in-laws over for a gourmet meal. This will allow you to decide if the pattern you chose is compatible with your decor and personality. Learn From the Masters When you attend other dinner parties, even at hotels, restaurants, and private clubs, pay close attention to how the tables are set, what type of centerpieces work with different table shapes, and how the meal is actually served. Read books on dining etiquette and service. Browse magazines and online websites for new and trendy ways to set your table. We, at Joseph Gann Jewelers, can be your personal go-to when looking for assistance in selecting an elegant, upscale china pattern that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Practice Your New Skills Begin using your new knowledge and information on your family. Make them a summer Sunday lunch party or dinner party and impress them with your skills. Set the table with elegant tableware including Couzon flatware and Bernardaud china. Gather fresh flowers and arrange them in glass vases for a natural appeal. Cook them a three or four-course meal that they will never forget. Throw a Dinner Party! As soon as you feel comfortable, invite a few friends over for drinks and dinner. Six or eight is always a good number. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor dining, so set a table on your patio that will truly impress them. Utilize your Bernardaud china and Couzon flatware again and order a simple, but stunning centerpiece from your favorite florist. Serve an elegant dinner; it may be necessary to hire a waiter to assist you so you can enjoy the event also. Have both red and white wines to offer at each course and maybe offer a dessert wine or liqueur at the end of the evening. Entertainment could be simple background music or a classical guitarist. Visit us in Boston, or view our products on our website to get a feel for just how impressive our china and flatware inventory is. It will bring your fine dining masterpieces to a new level and give you the assurance and confidence that you really can be a fantastic hostess for dinners and gatherings with family and friends.

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