Tips for Making the Proposal a Surprise


Now that you know you are going to propose to her, it?s time to plan the details! For a great proposal, you need to not only have a great place in mind to ask her, but you?ll also want to at least get close to finding a ring that both fits perfectly and that she?ll love. Here are some tips that will help make the surprise proposal go as smoothly as possible.

Get Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Are you able to get into her jewelry box? Does she take off her rings when she showers or does the dishes? If you?re able to handle her rings for a few minutes without her knowing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get her size! All you need to do is trace the inside and outside of her ring onto a piece of paper and then the jeweler can determine what size she is. Before you do this, however, you?ll want to make sure that the ring you ?borrow? is something she normally wears on the ring finger on her left hand because each finger is a different size!

Determine What Kind of Ring She Wants

Your next step is to figure out exactly what kind of ring she wants. The best way to make the proposal a total surprise is to keep the ring a surprise, as well. There are several ways to figure out what kind of ring she wants without giving it away. For instance, if you?re out shopping together and she suggests that you go to a jewelry store with her, you can return at a later time when she isn?t with you to ask to see some of the rings she was interested in in more detail. If you don?t end up doing any impromptu shopping together, you can always try to enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member. Chances are pretty good that they know the types of rings that your fiancé to be will love.

Arrange the Details of the Proposal

The last detail you?ll need to arrange is making sure the proposal itself is well planned. In order to do that, you need to find a way to ask her to marry you that will be somewhat of a surprise while also being in line with her personality. For instance, if you love to travel together as a couple, you could wait to propose to her when you get to your destination. If she loves simplicity, you can take her out for a special evening locally and propose to her then. You can even take her to the location where you had your first date! When it comes to proposing, it is important to relax and have fun with the process. Sure, you want things to go as smoothly as possible, but you don?t want to be so stressed out that you aren?t actually having fun. Remember that most people are happy to be asked and that?s what they?ll be most likely to remember once you do propose.

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