How to Create the Perfect Table Setting


Now that you?re putting together your wedding registry, there are some things to keep in mind. Your registry offers the perfect opportunity to acquire a complete set of dishware! However, before you can know which pieces to register for, it is helpful to understand what a proper, formal table setting looks like. Although approaching your table setting like this on a daily basis is impractical, it?s nice to have the pieces available in case you plan on hosting a formal get together. Here?s some information that will help you create the perfect table setting:

Decide What You?ll Need for China

The china you choose for your table setting will depend completely on what you?re serving. You?ll need to consider getting a plate for your main meal, a plate or dish for your salad or soup, and a bread plate. You?ll also need additional china for the fruit and dessert course. Keep in mind that your set doesn?t need to match perfectly, as long as you have enough dishware for each of your guests. It?s okay to mix several patterns, as long as they?re in a similar color family. It all depends on your personal style. This is also a great tactic to use if you have two full dishware sets in the home and you need to entertain a larger crowd.

Choose Your Flatware

It?s especially important to have a complete set of flatware on hand when you do formal dining. Generally, you?ll want the set to be large enough to accommodate however many people will fit at your dining room table, plus a few extra just in case a few pieces go missing. For instance, if your table can seat 10 people at a maximum, you?ll want to register for 12 table settings worth of flatware. You?ll also want a set of high quality steak knives in case you serve your guests foods that require a sharper knife.

Determine Which Glassware You?ll Need

Glassware is another thing that will depend completely on what you plan on serving. However, you?ll want to have the proper glassware on hand so that you can set a perfect table when the time comes. You?ll need separate glasses for water, white wine, Champagne or sparkling wine, and red wine. If you plan on stocking a bar in your home, you may also want to register for a bar set with all the accessories you?ll need to create cocktails, as well as a few sets of glasses. For instance, if you know that you will be making a lot of martinis, you might want to consider registering for special martini glasses. As you can see, the type of table setting that you choose will depend on what you plan on serving your guests. That?s why it?s so important to have a variety of pieces on hand, just in case. By registering for a variety of items, you?ll be sure to have all your bases covered.

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