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Although the Haviland Company is based in Limoges, France, it was founded by a businessman from New York City. David Haviland was attracted to the tradition of fine pottery in Limoges, which is especially known for its unique properties. Haviland discovered the pottery while seeking new business ventures. Here?s more information about the Haviland Company:

Early Beginnings in Limoges, France

In the 1800?s, David Haviland headed to France in search of a new business venture. He decided to set up shop in Limoges, which at the time was known for its unique porcelain. By 1842, he reached his goal and was able ship his fine porcelain products back to the United States. More than thirty years later, in 1873, he innovated how the porcelain sets were decorated, which made his products even more desirable. In 1890, David?s son took over the company and expanded operations by building a much larger factory and introducing new firing and decorating capabilities.

Why Limoges Porcelain is Unique

?Limoges porcelain? refers to a type of porcelain that was commonly made in Limoges, France in the 1800?s. Known as a type of hard-paste porcelain, the method of making this product was first introduced to the region in 1771. Haviland, as well as a few other factories, were founded in the region after the French Revolution.

The Haviland Company Today

Today, the company still manufactures sets of fine porcelain. Haviland is known for creating beautiful pieces that are just as stunning as they are usable. When the company first started in the 1800?s it focused exclusively on porcelain products. Today, the company expanded its product line to include other items, such as silverware and crystal. Many of its older patterns are still around today and are sought after by collectors and antiques dealers. It is estimated that the company has had over 60,000 patterns throughout the course of its history. Haviland continues to create new patterns today. Haviland is the perfect choice for those who want a set of fine porcelain that they can use every day. At Joseph Gann Jewelers, we carry patterns such as Amaryllis, Brandebourg, Clair de Lune, and Dammouse. Click here to see all of the Haviland patterns that we have available.

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