Recycled Jewelry and How It’s Used by Jewelers


One of the things that customers are often looking for when shopping for jewelry is to purchase something that was made from recycled materials. While it may seem like you would need to go out of your way for something like this, it?s actually a common practice to recycle and repurpose older jewelry to turn it into something new. In other words, it could be that your favorite jeweler uses recycled materials as a regular occurrence and just doesn?t market the business that way. If using recycled materials is what you?re after, then start by talking with your current jeweler to investigate your options. Here?s an overview of what to expect:

Using Recycled Metals is a Common Practice

Since metals such as gold are fairly expensive, much of the gold that is used in the industry is recycled. If a 100% recycled gold ring or other piece of jewelry is what you?re after, chances are pretty high that you can easily obtain it without visiting a store that specializes in recycled metals. In other words, this is a common practice in the jewelry industry in general. If someone were to sell gold jewelry for cash, the person who purchased the jewelry will likely either use it or sell it back to someone who will. Jewelers are often on the lookout for recycled gold since it is a little less expensive for them to purchase gold to reuse rather than to buy it new.

Repurposing Older Jewelry is Another Option

Besides seeking out jewelry that has been made from recycled materials, it is also a common practice to repurpose older jewelry and heirloom pieces. The new pieces can come from either recycled materials that the customer provides, or an older, heirloom piece can be refashioned into something completely new. For instance, a diamond from a grandmother?s old wedding ring can be placed in a new ring setting, or even used to make a diamond pendant. Often, customers find that if the materials come from pieces they already have, the new piece has a lot more personal meaning. This tactic can be used for more than just heirloom pieces. Let?s say you have an old gold ring that you no longer enjoy. Rather than give the piece away or sell it, you can have it made into something completely new. As you can see, using recycled materials and refurbishing older pieces of jewelry are both common practices in the jewelry industry. If buying a piece that uses recycled materials interests you, or if you have some jewelry at home that you want to turn into something else, you?ll want to talk things over with your jeweler.

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